From July 31st to August 30th, a public scoping comment period was open for Mojave Precious Metals’ (MPM) and its Canadian parent company K2 Gold’s destructive mineral exploration at Conglomerate Mesa. The Ridgecrest Bureau of Land Management received nearly 21,000 public comments: a number of submissions that employees at Friends of the Inyo have never seen in a 30-day public scoping period!

While we can’t know exactly what all of the comments say, we are certain that support for protecting Conglomerate Mesa from Mojave Precious Metals and K2 Gold was overwhelming.

What’s Next?

Through this winter, the Ridgecrest BLM will process all of the comments and prepare a scoping report summarizing their content. Shortly thereafter, it will release the environmental analysis for MPM’s proposal at Conglomerate Mesa. This environmental review will be coupled with another 30-day (or possibly 60-day) comment period.

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