Mining 101 and Cyanide: A Workshop with Bonnie Gestring

Watch Bonnie Gestring’s Presentation from April 2018 in Bishop California including the impact of modern cyanide based gold mining practices on Conglomerate Mesa. Cyanide leaching is the most likely technique which K2 Gold, Mojave gold, and other mining companies are considering at Conglomerate Mesa.

This workshop helps you understand:

  • Current industrial hardrock mining techniques
  • How contemporary mining operations usually effect ecosystems and surrounding communities
  • How an industrial mine could affect Conglomerate Mesa and nearby areas
  • How citizens can impact federal decision making about mining on public lands

We are happy to have so many great partners including The Sierra Club, Friends of the Inyo, and Inyo 350, who teamed up to make this event a reality.

About the Speaker

Bonnie Gestring is the Northwest Program Director for Earthworks where you can find her blog posts highlighting mining issues across the country.
Earthworks mission is “dedicated to protecting communities and the environment from the adverse impacts of mineral and energy development while promoting sustainable solutions.”

Special Thanks & Production

This video was filmed and produced by Alexander Reid, owner of Skandar Productions. Skandar has also dedicated significant time, artwork, and financial support to Friends of the Inyo and other causes. His creativity and energy make the Eastern Sierra an even more special and beautiful place to call home.

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