Your words are #WorthMoreThanGold
in the fight to protect CONGLOMERATE MESA!


What’s happening?

In their next phase of destructive gold exploration, Canadian company K2 Gold, through its subsidiary Mojave Precious Metals, LLC, is proposing to build 2.6 miles of brand new roads and 1.1 miles of overlanding routes to access 30 different drill sites and drill 120 holes on Conglomerate Mesa. The total impact is estimated to be 12.2 acres, more than 61 times as much as K2 Gold’s previous exploration activities.

Today, in an official news release, the Ridgecrest Bureau of Land Management (BLM) announced the formal opening of a 30-day public scoping comment period on K2 Gold’s/Mojave Precious Metals, LLC’s mining proposal. This provides an excellent opportunity to make your voice heard and share why you want to see Conglomerate Mesa protected.

Access all BLM documents here.


What can I do?

If you love Conglomerate Mesa, don’t waste this pinnacle moment to protect a truly irreplaceable Eastern Sierra desert landscape. Friends of the Inyo and our partners on the Protect Conglomerate Mesa Coalition ( have developed materials to make your public commenting easy, efficient and timely, including a comment writing guide (“tip sheet”) with important information about the landscape,  persuasive arguments against drilling, deadlines to keep in mind, and more.

3 Easy Steps to Writing and Submitting Comments 

  1. Use the button below to download our Conglomerate Mesa Action Alert Tip Sheet to help you (it also contains a link to the BLM comments page).
  2. Use this template to inspire your own written comments that advocate for protecting Conglomerate Mesa. Remember, introduce yourself, share your connection to the area, and advocate for conservation!
  3. Once completed, submit your comments to the Ridgecrest BLM using this link or the button above.

Comment by the deadline of Monday, August 30, 2021!


  • Randy Wiley says:

    Dear BLM – Please do everything you can to protect Conglomerate Mesa. Please do not allow K2 Mining to destroy the mesa. That entire area is near and dear to my heart. The beauty, the nature, the history, the scenery, the wildlife has to be protected.

    Please, I beg you to do something.

    Thank You,

    Randy A. Wiley

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